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35th Annual Bitter Root Day
A Cultural Heritage Event

June 13th,2015 from 9am to 2pm

Bitter Root Day Lineup

Bitter Root Day is a street festival centered around the preservation of the Montana State Flower and the culture of the Salish Tribe, original inhabitants of the Bitter Root Valley.

  • Traditional Salish Dancers & Drummers
  • Beading Demonstrations + Authentic Salish Jewelry & Beadwork
  • Children’s Activities
  • Arts, Crafts, Food & Produce
    From Local & Out of Area Vendors
  • Our Two Signature Competitions:
    Jerky & Recycle Crafts
  • Bitter Root Plants for Sale
  • The People’s Center Museum Display & Raffle

The Salish, our honored guests, are holding a raffle to help with costs for a “Social Pow-wow” taking place on August 22, 2015.

Tickets are $1 each or 6 for $5. Raffle includes a baby Pendleton blanket and jewelry. Tickets available at the event only.

About the Competitions:

3rd Annual “Create a Difference”
Recycled Craft Exhibit & Competition

People from all across the Valley and beyond enter in the Recycled Craft Competition! Entries are displayed on the Museum grounds during our Bitter Root Day event and guests are invited to vote for their favorite. Prizes are awarded for each category. Looking for GREAT ideas? Download our Recycle Craft Idea Packet! (Packet includes Recycle Craft application)
Download Recycle Form

4th Annual Jerky Contest

Beef, fish, chicken... buffalo?
Spicy, mild, teriyaki, smoked... or how about lime and chili? This contest is open to any flavor and any cut of meat you’d like to enter! Show off your jerky making abilities and compete for prizes!
Download Jerky Form
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Henry Grant

Bitter Root Flower Bitter Root Day Vendors

Bitter Root Day was started by Henry Grant ( above, left) in 1980 to help raise awareness and help preserve our beautiful state flower.

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205 Bedford
Hamilton, MT 59840
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