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35th Annual Bitter Root Day

June 13th,2015 from 9am to 2pm

Bitter Root Day

Bitter Root Day was started by Henry Grant ( below, left) in 1980 to help raise awareness and help preserve our beautiful state flower.

Before the Lewis and Clark Discovery Expedition, before homesteaders came to Montana, and long before we lived here in the Valley, the Salish People lived here. The Salish have a rich history, with close ties to the land and respect for all living creatures. The Bitter Root is both a practical and sacred plant to the Salish. This event is centered on the history and culture of the Salish Tribe.

This festival includes a recycled craft competition, local and out of areas vendors selling arts, crafts, food & produce. There will also be potted Bitter Root plants and seeds for sale, and live music.
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Henry Grant

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